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Ahmed, Iffat (2013) Multimedia quality improvements for next generation networks. Advisor: Badia, Dr. Leonardo. pp. 167. [IMT PhD Thesis]


Belchev, Pavel (2013) Is the Court of Justice of the European Union a mere instrument in the hands of member states? Advisor: Vauchez, Prof. Antoine. Coadvisor: Masala, Dr. Antonio . pp. 176. [IMT PhD Thesis]


Catenacci Volpi, Nicola (2013) The modularity of attention from an artificial intelligence perspective. Advisor: Ciancarini, Prof. Paolo. Coadvisor: Pezzullo, Dr. Giovanni . pp. 156. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Cavalleri, Maria Chiara (2013) Essays on the portability of pension rights and distortions in labour mobility choices. Advisor: Petretto, Prof. Alessandro. Coadvisor: Dincecco, Dr. Mark . pp. 226. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Celestini, Alessandro (2013) On the analysis and evaluation of trust and reputation systems. Advisor: De Nicola, Prof. Rocco. Coadvisor: Boreale, Prof. Michele . pp. 154. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Cicchi, Lorenzo (2013) The logic of voting behaviour in the European Parliament : new insights on party group membership and national affiliation as determinants of vote. Advisor: Bardi, Prof. Luciano. Coadvisor: Llewellyn, Dr. Morgan . pp. 172. [IMT PhD Thesis]


Dmitrishin, Alexander (2013) Socio-political aspects of higher education and knowledge production : the case of university rankings. Advisor: Capano, Prof. Giliberto. Coadvisor: Masala, Dr. Antonio . pp. 233. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Dogan, Evinc (2013) Analysing the impact of a mega-event on city image by visual methodologies : branding Istanbul during the European capital of culture 2010. Advisor: Baia Curioni, Prof. Stefano. Coadvisor: Sirkeci, Prof. Ibrahim . pp. 376. [IMT PhD Thesis]


Frigerio, Alberto (2013) The underwater cultural heritage: a comparative analysis of international perspectives, laws and methods of management. Advisor: Lorenzo, Prof. Casini. pp. 403. [IMT PhD Thesis]


Galanti, Valeria (2013) Conditions for plausibility of women’s conventions : internalising the paradigm shift in the inter-American system of human rights. Analysing a comparable experience for the Istanbul Convention. Advisor: Mezzetti, Prof. Luca. Coadvisor: Masala, Dr. Antonio . pp. 353. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Giommoni, Valentina (2013) Religion and quality of democracy in Israel. Advisor: Morlino, Prof. Leonardo. Coadvisor: Masala, Dr. Antonio . pp. 359. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Gkresta, Maria (2013) State, space and security : the treatment of deviant groups in times of crisis. Advisor: Belina, Prof, Bernd. Coadvisor: Gattei, Dr. Stefano . pp. 233. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Gursu, Isilay (2013) The role of "public" in public-private partnershups : reading the cultural heritage management practices of Turkey. Advisor: Casini, Prof. Lorenzo. Coadvisor: La Monica, Dr. Denise . pp. 248. [IMT PhD Thesis]


Karamshuk, Dmytro (2013) Modeling and understanding the role of human mobility in the cyber-physical world. Advisor: Conti, Dr. Marco. Coadvisor: Lenzini, Prof. Luciano . pp. 135. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Kauer, Anne Kersten (2013) Formal specification, verification and analysis of long-running transactions. Advisor: Bruni, Dr. Roberto. Coadvisor: Ferreira, Dr. Carla . pp. 215. [IMT PhD Thesis]


Lenzi, Veronica (2013) States’ membership in energy Inter-Governmental Organizations (IGOs): trade, alliances and regulation. Advisor: Andreatta, Prof. Filippo. pp. 213. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Ljubojevic, Ana (2013) What’s the story? Legal and media narratives of war crime trials and shaping of national identity in Croatia and Serbia. Advisor: Mezzetti, Prof. Luca. Coadvisor: Cavallaro, Dr. Maria Elena . pp. 220. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Losito, Simona (2013) The human rights diplomacy : the Carter presidency and the relationship with Brazil (1977-1981). Advisor: Del Pero, Prof. Mario. Coadvisor: Cavallaro, Dr. Maria Elena . pp. 257. [IMT PhD Thesis]


Mirkina, Irina (2013) The interplay between bureaucracy and globalization. Advisor: Bergh, Prof. Andreas. Coadvisor: Masala, Dr. Antonio . pp. 135. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Modica, Marco (2013) Essays in regional and complex urban economics. Advisor: Pammolli, Prof. Fabio. Coadvisor: Chiou, Dr Jing . pp. 126. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Mondauto, Leopoldo (2013) The use of administrative data: from the evaluation of the EPL effect to the analysis of the university graduates' labor market. Advisor: Cambini, Prof. Carlo. Coadvisor: Pammolli, Prof. Fabio . pp. 165. [IMT PhD Thesis]


Nagy, Ahmed Said (2013) Leveraging semantic techniques for social media analysis applied to disaster management. Advisor: De Nicola, Prof. Rocco. pp. 227. [IMT PhD Thesis]


Ozdamar, Oznur (2013) Public expenditures on family-specific benefits, governance and child health outcomes. Advisor: Vindigni, Prof. Andrea. pp. 195. [IMT PhD Thesis]


Rahmetov, Anvarjon (2013) Conceptualizing and explaining post-soviet authoritarian breakdowns : cases of "Color revolutions". Advisor: Morlino, Prof. Leonardo. Coadvisor: Bonfreschi, Dr. Lucia . pp. 247. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Rochlitz, Michael (2013) Two essays on institutions and state in Russia and a study of absorptive capacity. Advisor: Vindigni, Prof. Andrea. Coadvisor: Dincecco, Dr. Mark . pp. 165. [IMT PhD Thesis]


Shams El Din, Ahmed (2013) Human occupation development in the High Mountains of Sinai Peninsula, Egypt with Alpine and Himalayan reflections in the light of rural-urban development ‘socio-economy’, semi-arid watershed management ‘cocio-ecology’ and land use policy ‘governance’. Advisor: Casini, Prof. Lorenzo. pp. 553. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Stojanova, Ana (2013) Elite- or mass-driven democratic consolidation? Western Balkans in comparative perspective. Advisor: Morlino, Prof. Leonardo. Coadvisor: Cavallaro, Dr. Maria Elena . pp. 234. [IMT PhD Thesis]


Tarantino, Chiara (2013) The museum heritage of Italian universities : current situation and improvement opportunities. Advisor: Baia Curioni, Prof. Stefano. Coadvisor: La Monica, Dr. Denise . pp. 554. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Tcheukam Siwe, Alain (2013) Prosumer planning in the DEZENT context of regenerative power production. Advisor: Montanari, Prof. Ugo. pp. 105. [IMT PhD Thesis]


Vandin, Andrea (2013) Specification and analysis of systems with dynamic structure. Advisor: Gadducci, Prof. Fabio. Coadvisor: Lluch Lafuente, Dr. Alberto . pp. 186. [IMT PhD Thesis]

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