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Benoit, Florence (2021) Multinational firms in (global) cities: mimicry, knowledge networks, and economic growth. Advisor: Belderbos, Prof. René. Coadvisor: Riccaboni, Prof. Massimo . pp. 306. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Bonari, Jacopo (2021) Novel interface discretisation methods for contact mechanics. Advisor: Paggi, Prof. Marco. Coadvisor: Popp, Dr. Alexander . pp. 161. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Bruno, Matteo (2021) Maximum entropy methods for the statistical analysis of bipartite networks: fast computation and applications. Advisor: Garlaschelli, Prof. Diego. Coadvisor: Caldarelli, Prof. Guido . pp. 141. [IMT PhD Thesis]


Caruso, Matteo (2021) On logical quantitative methods in politics. Advisor: Belmonte, Dr. Alessandro. Coadvisor: Taagepera, Prof. Rein . pp. 250. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Celadin, Tatiana (2021) Essays on cognition and cooperation. Advisor: Bilancini, Prof. Ennio. Coadvisor: Capraro, Dr. Valerio . pp. 141. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Coccolo, Francesca (2021) The power of victory: Italy, Austria and the struggle for treasures of art and history after the First World War (1918-1923). Advisor: Pellegrini, Prof. Emanuele. pp. 226. [IMT PhD Thesis]


Giusti, Maria (2021) The state as a promoter of cinema in Italy and France. Advisor: Casini, Prof. Lorenzo. pp. 324. [IMT PhD Thesis]


Ianeselli, Chiara (2021) The untitled title in the XX century art: revolutionary aspects and implications. Advisor: Catoni, Prof. Maria Luisa. Coadvisor: Campiglio, Dr. Paolo . pp. 346. [IMT PhD Thesis]


Kovalyova, Yelena (2021) Protection of cultural rights of national minorities: critical analysis of the Council of Europe legal framework under the capabilities approach. Advisor: Casini, Prof. Lorenzo. Coadvisor: Averardi, Dr. Andrea . pp. 479. [IMT PhD Thesis]


La Paglia, Silvio (2021) Memorabilia pompeiana (1748-1830). Antiquities from Pompeii in the European collections. Advisor: Catoni, Prof. Maria Luisa. Coadvisor: Osanna, Prof. Massimo . pp. 477. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Lancione, Marta (2021) Structural and functional neuroimaging using quantitative susceptibility mapping and ultra-high field magnetic resonance imaging. Advisor: Cecchetti, Dr. Luca. Coadvisor: Costagli, Dr. Mauro . pp. 166. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Landi, Sara (2021) Public policy in Italy: an empirical analysis on local governments and occupation. Advisor: Riccaboni, Prof. Massimo. Coadvisor: Iturbe-Ormaetxe, Prof. Iñigo . pp. 86. [IMT PhD Thesis]


Martinelli, Alice (2021) Functional interactions between auditory and visual systems in the human brain: evidence from neurotypical development and temporary sensory deprivation model. Advisor: Bottari, Dr. Davide. Coadvisor: Ricciardi, Prof. Emiliano . pp. 139. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Marulli, Maria Rosaria (2021) New methods to assess the performance of structural joints with microstructures. Advisor: Paggi, Prof. Marco. Coadvisor: Reinoso Cuevas, Prof. José Antonio . pp. 264. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Masti, Daniele (2021) Machine learning methods for control, identification, and estimation. Advisor: Bemporad, Prof. Alberto. pp. 150. [IMT PhD Thesis]


Saggese, Pietro (2021) Arbitrage in the Bitcoin ecosystem: an investigation of the Mt. Gox exchange platform. Advisor: Facchini, Dr. Angelo. Coadvisor: Dimitri, Prof. Nicola . pp. 230. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Serafino, Matteo (2021) The complexity of heterogeneity in real-world networks. Advisor: Gili, Dr. Tommaso. Coadvisor: Caldarelli, Prof. Guido . pp. 158. [IMT PhD Thesis]


Vallarano, Nicolò (2021) The Bitcoin transaction networks. Advisor: Caldarelli, Prof. Guido. Coadvisor: Squartini, Dr. Tiziano . pp. 137. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Valvano, Gabriele (2021) Semi-supervised and weakly-supervised learning with spatio-temporal priors in medical image segmentation. Advisor: Ricciardi, Prof. Emiliano. Coadvisor: Leo, Prof. Andrea . pp. 254. [IMT PhD Thesis]


Waizmann, Tabea (2021) The effect of compression and expansion on stochastic reaction networks. Advisor: Tribastone, Prof. Mirco. pp. 114. [IMT PhD Thesis]

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