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Asur, Pavan Kumar (2022) Cohesive and Variational Methods for Fracture Mechanics in Statics and Fatigue. Advisor: Paggi, Prof. Marco. Coadvisor: Reinoso Cuevas, Prof. Josè Antonio . pp. 200. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Bednaya, Evgenia (2022) Neurophysiological assessments of low-level and high-level interdependencies between auditory and visual systems in the human brain. Advisor: Bottari, Dr. Davide. Coadvisor: Ricciardi, Prof. Emiliano . pp. 169. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Buyukyazici, Duygu (2022) Essays in Applied Economics. Advisor: Serti, Prof Francesco. pp. 150. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Dardano, Nicola (2022) Delamination of thin layers promoted by local buckling. Advisor: Paggi, Prof. Marco. Coadvisor: Bennati, Prof. Stefano . pp. 147. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Edet, Samuel Asuquo (2022) Essays on Innovation Networks and Global Cities. Advisor: Riccaboni, Prof. Massimo. Coadvisor: Belderbos, Prof. Rene . pp. 275. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Exadaktylos, Dimitrios (2022) Essays on firms' competitiveness. Advisor: Riccaboni, Prof. Massimo. Coadvisor: Rungi, Prof. Armando . pp. 169. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Ferrarotti, Laura (2022) Learning optimal control policies from data: a partially model-based actor-only approach. Advisor: Bemporad, Prof. Alberto. pp. 216. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Franceschini, Clizia (2022) Religious Cultural Heritage and Political Contestation: the Role of UNESCO The Cases of the Old City of Hebron, the Four Medieval Monuments in Kosovo and Metohija and the Temple of Preah Vihear. Advisor: Casini, Prof. Lorenzo. Coadvisor: Averardi, Prof. Andrea . pp. 255. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Hu, Mirko (2022) Network analysis of a complex disease: the gut microbiota in the inflammatory bowel disease case. Advisor: Gili, Prof. Tommaso. Coadvisor: Caldarelli, Prof. Guido . pp. 148. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Koba, Cemal (2022) A multi-site image-based data sharing initiative to assess structural brain changes in large cohorts of early and late blind individuals. Advisor: Ricciardi, Prof. Emiliano. pp. 144. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Marchese, Emiliano (2022) Optimizing complex networks models. Advisor: Caldarelli, Prof. Guido. Coadvisor: Squartini, Prof. Tiziano . pp. 201. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Mercanti, Ivan (2022) Models and applications for the Bitcoin ecosystem. Advisor: De Nicola, Prof. Rocco. Coadvisor: Bistarelli, Prof. Stefano . pp. 215. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Napolitano, Annalisa (2022) Automated Learning of Quantitative Software Models from System Traces. Advisor: Tribastone, Prof. Mirco. pp. 124. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Nutarelli, Federico (2022) At the intersection between machine learning and econometrics: theory and applications. Advisor: Riccaboni, Prof. Massimo. Coadvisor: Gnecco, Prof. Giorgio Stefano . pp. 243. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Pontelli, Elena (2022) Landscapes before the landscape in ancient Etruscan art. Advisor: Catoni, Prof. Maria Luisa. Coadvisor: Harari, Prof. Maurizio . pp. 499. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Ritondale, Emanuela (2022) Shipwrecking Probability in Mediterranean Territorial Waters. A Cultural Approach to Archaeological Predictive Modelling. Advisor: Catoni, Prof. Maria Luisa. Coadvisor: van Leusen, Dr. P.M . pp. 384. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Simic, Stella (2022) Bit-precise Verification of Numerical Properties in Fixed-point Programs. Advisor: Tribastone, Prof. Mirco. Coadvisor: Inverso, Dr. Omar . pp. 163. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Tarhan, Hakan (2022) Public Perceptions of ‘the Other’s’ Heritage: Ottoman Heritage in Greece and Byzantine Heritage in Turkey. Advisor: Tonga Uriarte, Prof. Yesim. Coadvisor: Plantzos, Prof. Dimitris . pp. 329. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Teixeira Préve, Deison (2022) Thermoelastic and Fracture Responses of Periodic Materials: Theory and Applications to Laminates and Triply Periodic Minimal Surfaces. Advisor: Paggi, Prof. Marco. Coadvisor: Lenarda, Prof. Pietro . pp. 171. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Zampieri, Ilaria (2022) The troubled relationship between neuroscience and criminal responsibility: an overview and case study. Advisor: Pietrini, Prof. Pietro. pp. 111. [IMT PhD Thesis]

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