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Biancalani, Francesco (2018) Innovation and Productivity of Italian Firms: Evidence and Policy. Advisor: Riccaboni, Prof. Massimo. pp. 162. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Breschi, Valentina (2018) Model learning from data: from centralized multi-model regression to distributed cloud-aided single-model estimation. Advisor: Bemporad, Prof. Alberto. Coadvisor: Piga, Dott. Dario . pp. 249. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Bunea, Anita Mariana (2018) Worldwide diffusion of solar photovoltaic panels and the role of state incentive: perspectives based on diffusion models. Advisor: Manfredi, Prof. Pietro. Coadvisor: Della Posta, Prof. Pompeo . pp. 197. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Buravlev, Vitaly (2018) Improving the efficiency of tuple spases. Advisor: De Nicola, Prof. Rocco. Coadvisor: Mezzina, Dott. Claudio Antares . pp. 142. [IMT PhD Thesis]


Carollo, Valerio (2018) A variational approach to brittle fracture and cohesive delamination:modelling and technological applications. Advisor: Paggi, Prof. Marco. Coadvisor: Reinoso, Prof. José . pp. 177. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Cinat, Paolo (2018) Surface roughness genomics in contact mechanics : a new method enabling roughness design towards surface prototyping. Advisor: Paggi, Prof. Marco. pp. 172. [IMT PhD Thesis]


D'Inverno, Giovanna (2018) Sub-national service provision and public spending analysis. Advisor: Belmonte, Dr. Alessandro. Coadvisor: De Witte, Prof. Kristof . pp. 238. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Di Lillo, Armando (2018) Essays in Applied Economics, Migration, and Conflict. Advisor: Belmonte, Dr. Alessandro. pp. 132. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Donofrio, Davide (2018) Essays on Empirical International Economics. Advisor: Rungi, Dott. Armando. pp. 177. [IMT PhD Thesis]


Fattorini, Loredana (2018) Production networks, firm productivity and geography. Advisor: Rungi, Dott. Armando. pp. 174. [IMT PhD Thesis]


Gao, Yuan (2018) Network analysis of international patent data: technology cohort, temporal dynamics and the role of trade. Advisor: Riccaboni, Prof. Massimo. Coadvisor: Kali, Prof. Raja . pp. 118. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Giuffrida, Mario Valerio (2018) Learning to Count Leaves of Plants. Advisor: Tsaftaris, Prof. Sotirios. Coadvisor: Ricciardi, Prof. Emiliano . pp. 260. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Graf Plessen, Mogens (2018) Hierarchical planning and stochastic optimization algorithms with applications to self-driving vehicles and finance. Advisor: Bemporad, Prof. Alberto. pp. 382. [IMT PhD Thesis]


Hoang, Van Tieng (2018) Measuring Web Search Personalization. Advisor: De Nicola, Prof. Rocco. Coadvisor: Petrocchi, Dott. Marinella . pp. 117. [IMT PhD Thesis]


Kulynych, Olena (2018) Essays on Investment Patterns in Ukraine. Advisor: Riccaboni, Prof. Massimo. Coadvisor: Rungi, Dott. Armando . pp. 128. [IMT PhD Thesis]


Marzo, Dania (2018) Events and temporary uses in the historic urban landscape: Lucca Comics & Games between localized interactions and a worlding project ecology. Advisor: Bertelli, Dott. Linda. Coadvisor: Ibert, Dott. Oliver . pp. 198. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Mejari, Manas Dilip (2018) Towards automated data-driven modeling of linear parameter-varying systems. Advisor: Bemporad, Prof. Alberto. Coadvisor: Piga, Dott. Dario . pp. 181. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Mioni, Michele (2018) Towards a New “Social Pact”: World War II and Social Policy in Great Britain, Italy and Vichy France = Vers un nouveau « pacte social » : la Deuxième Guerre mondiale et les politiques sociales en Grande-Bretagne, Italie et dans l’État français. Advisor: Petri, Prof. Rolf. Coadvisor: Rousso, Prof. Henry . pp. 654. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Miracola, Sergio (2018) Chinese strategic culture : origin, organization, operationalization and evolution of the people's war doctrine. Advisor: Bruni, Prof. Domenico Maria. Coadvisor: Fiori, Prof. Antonio . pp. 601. [IMT PhD Thesis]


Naik, Vihangkumar Vinaykumar (2018) Mixed-integer quadratic programming algorithms for embedded control and estimation. Advisor: Bemporad, Prof. Alberto. pp. 171. [IMT PhD Thesis]


Schmidt, Ana Lucia (2018) A quantitative analysis of news consumption on Facebook. Advisor: Quattrociocchi, Dr. Walter. pp. 161. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Scoca, Vincenzo (2018) Improving service quality in cloud computing : from definition to deployment. Advisor: De Nicola, Prof. Rocco. Coadvisor: Uriarte, Dott. Rafael Brundo . pp. 110. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Straka, Mika Julian (2018) Entropy-based methods for the statistical validation of bipartite networks. Advisor: Caldarelli, Prof. Guido. Coadvisor: Saracco, Dott. Fabio . pp. 171. [IMT PhD Thesis]


Themelis, Andreas (2018) Proximal algorithms for structured nonconvex optimization. Advisor: Patrinos, Prof Panagiotis. Coadvisor: Bemporad, Prof. Alberto . pp. 215. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Torre, Gemma (2018) Management of government archives in Italy. Advisor: Casini, Prof. Lorenzo. Coadvisor: Guercio, Prof. Maria . pp. 404. [IMT PhD Thesis]


Virga, Andrea (2018) Fascism and nationalism in Cuba : a case study on the global projection on an European ideology. Advisor: Bruni, Prof. Domenico Maria. Coadvisor: Figueredo Cabrera, Prof. Katia . pp. 216. [IMT PhD Thesis]

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