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IMT PhD Thesis

Agostinis, Giovanni (2016) Constructing regionalism from sectoral cooperation: a comparative analysis of the emergence, outcomes, and effects of South American health and defence cooperation within UNASUR. Advisor: Closa, Prof. Carlos. Coadvisor: Dabène, Prof. Olivier . pp. 245. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Aimar, Stefania (2016) Coral Gables: a contemporary urban utopia. Advisor: Pellegrini, Prof. Emanuele. pp. 203. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Antognozzi, Tiziano (2016) Fine but liberal: the Roman revolution and the art scene of Rome (1846-1849). Advisor: Pellegrini, Prof. Emanuele. Coadvisor: Griswold, Prof. Wendy . pp. 443. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Borassi, Michele (2016) Algorithms for metric properties of large real-world networks from theory to practice and back. Advisor: Crescenzi, Prof. Pierluigi. Coadvisor: De Nicola, Prof. Rocco . pp. 262. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Boschetto, Davide (2016) Quantitative methods for computer aided decision support systems in confocal laser endomicroscopy imaging of the gastrointestinal tract. Advisor: Caldarelli, Prof. Guido. Coadvisor: Grisan, Prof. Enrico . pp. 168. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Brasca, Daria (2016) The fate of Jewish-Owned cultural property: Florence during WWII. Advisor: Catoni, Prof. Maria Luisa. Coadvisor: Casini, Prof. Lorenzo . pp. 404. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Cancellieri, Giulia (2016) Exploring the social, strategic and community-based antecedents of norm-breaking behaviors: evidence from the Italian opera field. Advisor: Riccaboni, Prof. Massimo. pp. 146. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Castellani, Lorenzo (2016) Managerial bureaucracy continuity and change in the history of the British civil service: 1979-2007. Advisor: Masala, Dr Antonio. Coadvisor: Anselmi, Prof. Luca . pp. 283. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Connell, Laurence Sean (2016) Towards a political-cultural explanation of the "Christian Right": Bellevue Baptist Church and the republicanisation of American evangelicalism. Advisor: Williams, Dr. Daniel K.. Coadvisor: Masala, Dr. Antonio . pp. 153. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Dal Maso, Carlo (2016) Essays in applied econometrics. Advisor: Ticchi, Prof. Davide. pp. 104. [IMT PhD Thesis]

De Vivo, Nicola (2016) Essays on Urban and Environmental Economics. Advisor: Caldarelli, Prof. Guido. Coadvisor: Modica, Dr. Marco . pp. 98. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Del Vicario, Michela (2016) The role of confirmation bias in the emergence of echo chambers: a data-driven approach. Advisor: Caldarelli, Prof. Guido. Coadvisor: Quattrociocchi, Dr. Walter . pp. 127. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Dominioni, Samuele (2016) The International Dimensions of Electoral Frauds and Electoral Malpractices. The South Caucasus. Advisor: Badie, Prof. Bertrand. Coadvisor: Morlino, Prof. Leonardo . pp. 277. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Doria, Omar (2016) Essays on the Use of Big Data in Development Economics. Advisor: Pammolli, Prof. Fabio. pp. 147. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Felcher, Anastasia (2016) Beyond the trauma: new perspectives for preservation, management and museum representation of Jewish cultural heritage in post-Soviet cities. Advisor: Pellegrini, Prof. Emanuele. Coadvisor: Dyak, Prof. Sofia . pp. 380. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Flori, Andrea (2016) Three Essays on Systemic Risk and Financial Stability. Advisor: Pammolli, Prof. Fabio. Coadvisor: Crimaldi, Prof. Irene . pp. 235. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Giona, Federico (2016) Think tanks and international affairs during the interwar period: Ispi (Institute for Studies in International Politics) between foreign policy and public opinion (1919-1943). Advisor: Orsina, Prof. Giovanni. Coadvisor: Schulz-Forberg, Prof Hagen . pp. 165. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Giordano, Silvia (2016) Internationalization practices applied to the management of opera houses: empirical evidences from Italy and China. Advisor: Dubini, Prof. Paola. Coadvisor: Tonga Uriarte, Prof. Yesim . pp. 262. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Karatzias, Konstantinos (2016) Audience development in public cultural centers: a qualitative study in Helsingborg and Elsinore. Advisor: Casini, Prof. Lorenzo. Coadvisor: Lindqvist, Prof. Katja . pp. 125. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Matiz Lopez, Paula Jimena (2016) Integrated risk assessment for cultural heritage sites: a holistic support tool for decision-making. Advisor: Zocchi, Prof. Andrea. pp. 214. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Morichetta, Andrea (2016) A formal approach to decision support on Mobile Cloud Computing applications. Advisor: De Nicola, Prof. Rocco. Coadvisor: Tiezzi, Prof. Francesco . pp. 145. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Morisi, Rita (2016) Graph–based techniques and spectral graph theory in control and machine learning. Advisor: Gnecco, Prof. Stefano. pp. 215. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Nenzi, Laura (2016) A logic-based approach to specify and design spatio-temporal behaviours of complex systems. Advisor: De Nicola, Prof. Rocco. Coadvisor: Bortolussi, Prof. Luca . pp. 199. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Pompa, Gabriele (2016) Deterministic shift extension of affine models for variance derivatives. Advisor: Pammolli, Prof. Fabio. Coadvisor: Renò, Prof. Roberto . pp. 158. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Puggioni, Antonio (2016) Access to justice and sustainable development: the National Green Tribunal of India. Advisor: Malaguti, Prof. Maria Chiara. Coadvisor: Masala, Prof. Antonio . pp. 414. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Sacchi, Alessio (2016) Europe in hard times: driving institutional change during the Eurozone crisis. Advisor: Héritier, Prof. Adrianne. Coadvisor: Bonfreschi, Dr. Lucia . pp. 247. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Sampathirao, Ajay Kumar (2016) Parallel methods for solving stochastic optimal control problems: control of drinking water networks. Advisor: Bemporad, Prof. Alberto. Coadvisor: Sopasakis, Dr. Pantelis . pp. 199. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Scotton, Paolo (2016) The making of philosophy : Ortega y Gasset and the Spanish academia. Advisor: Masala, Dr Antonio. pp. 468. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Seven, Unal (2016) The role of finance in economic development, income inequality and poverty reduction. Advisor: Riccaboni, Prof. Massimo. Coadvisor: Onorato, Prof. Massimiliano . pp. 161. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Stawowy, Michele (2016) Plan Synthesis in Explicit-Input Knowledge and Action Bases. Advisor: Calvanese, Prof. Diego. pp. 135. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Trapin, Luca (2016) Essays on extreme value theory in economics and finance. Advisor: Riccaboni, Prof. Massimo. Coadvisor: Bee, Prof. Marco . pp. 253. [IMT PhD Thesis]

Zollo, Fabiana (2016) Emotional contagion and group polarization: experimental evidence on Facebook. Advisor: Quattrociocchi, Dr. Walter. Coadvisor: Calderelli, Prof. Guido . pp. 120. [IMT PhD Thesis]

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